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For people who sat their LNAT:

What helped you the most with the LNAT? Is there any way I can look at the papers from the last couple of years? What helped you the most with the LNAT? Is there any way I can look at the paper from the past few years? What is something you wish someone told you before the LNAT?

What was your strategy? What do you do if you do not understand a word? I am afraid I will not understand or have any general knowledge of the essay questions.

Also when reading the text, did you analyse your text as you go? For example, looking for words such as "typically" or seeing it as an opinion/fact. Would you take notes? Is the computer a modern one or an old one? It will look exactly the same as the one on the LNAT website? What does it say in the tutorial? What tips/advice helped you the most?

I've read on the LNAT website that the information you have does not matter, but on the guide, it says something else.

I do not have a teacher, so I was thinking of buying some books, tutoring or buying arbitio. Which one is better? I am on a limited budget. If possible, can someone give me their arbito account, please?
You should try some LNAT practice tests. LNAT doesn't really have technical law terms bcs it assumes that the candidate has never studied law before, so there won't be an issue with understanding those types of words. Plus, there's not really complicated vocabulary in the LNAT bcs they're not testing your English skills, they just want to see that you are an objective person that can argue a strong and backed up opinion.

So that being said, in the 1 in a million chance there is a word you don't understand in the multiple choice questions, just use context clues from the passage and the title and you can work it out. The essay question is usually a couple of words so there's no way you won't know what that means, unless you're not keeping up with current affairs.

I would say that is the only real way to prepare is to read opinion articles on current affairs - the practice test on the LNAT website is about 'arranged marriages', I imagine someone who wasn't interested in what's going on in society, wouldn't understand that question. I think if you're really struggling, you could get an LNAT tutor - some tutors start as low as £5 an hour.

Good luck to you!

edit: this person is giving away LNAT guides
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