Similar programs to KCL Culture, Media, and Creative Industries BA?

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Hi! I was hoping some people could recommend some UCAS courses for me! I’m from the US (California specifically) and I’m looking for media/film/communications programs to apply to for the 2023 cycle. I’m currently planning on applying to the Culture, Media, and Creative Industries BA at King’s College London. However, that’s an AAB course for UK students and my scores are a bit low for that (I’ll explain more below) so I’m hoping for someone to recommend some ABB courses that are similar.

For AAB courses at KCL they want US students to apply with a 1350 SAT (which I don’t have) and 554 AP scores (which I do) OR 55444 AP scores in lieu of an SAT. So I’m thinking of applying there with a predicted 55444. Since my scores are on the lower side for KCL I was hoping someone can recommend some similar courses with either similar or lower score requirements.

Basically I’m looking for a course that will prepare me for working in the entertainment industry. I’m looking for a university in a mid-size to large city, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in London! I’m really interested in any program that is innovative or multidisciplinary (like the KCL course). Does anyone know of anything similar?

Thank you so much and good luck if you’re also applying soon!

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