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Can I change my username?
Sure you can! You can change your username once a year by following this link - once you change your username, your old username will be protected from another person registering it for a year before it becomes available again.

You need to be aware that a username change won't affect your profile URL, so if someone has made a note of it they will still be able to find you. Also, any posts in which you were quoted under your old username will not be updated by the change.

In exceptional circumstances where you feel your privacy is at risk, we may allow a second username change during the one year period - if this applies to you, please follow the procedure below:

Please email [email protected](or open a thread in (Ask the community staff) and in the subject box state "username change request"

If you send an email please include the following information:
- Your current username
- The email address that you used to sign up with
- Your date of birth
- What you would like your new username to be
- Confirm you have checked if the username is available, you can do this by seeing if you can @tag the username, or clarify with us and we'll confirm for you if your username is available.
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