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Cambridge & Imperial Engineering

Hey, so my friend was looking at Cambridge and Imperial for Engineering. She’s currently taking Advanced Higher Maths, Advanced Higher Physics, Higher Spanish & a 2-year civil engineering apprenticeship through a local college. Do you think she’ll be disadvantaged due to her not taking 3 advanced highers?
If she doesnt meet the SQA entry requirements as stated on each course page, then for those Unis it'll be a rejection as they are exceptionally competitive.

Examples from other Unis -
Liverpool - Engineering - Advanced Highers with grades AAB including Mathematics and a second science
Bath - Mech Eng - AA in two Advanced Highers including Mathematics and Physics and Highers at AAAAA
Leeds - Civil Eng - AA at Advanced Higher level, including Mathematics, and AABBB at Higher level.
Manchester - Materials Science and Engineering - AA in Advanced Higher in 2 subjects from Maths, Physics and Chemistry plus min BB in Higher Level.
Etc etc.

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