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How to be a heartbreaker

Not related to the song - even though its a banger. Hypothetically, what would make someone a "heartbreaker". When I think of one I think of a player but I'm looking more along the lines of a woman playing games rather than for a one night stand thing and how they would make a man fall in love with them fast and how they would break his heart. Think it is an interesting concept for a revenge plot or some sort of addiction to the high of breaking people's hearts. Looking into this for creative writing.

Thanks for any responses 🙂
heart breaker, i picture this (i apologise that this is so long):

someone who seeks to find someone who has been hurt by people, someone who was unfortunate and suffered due to trauma. the heart breaker seeks to „heal“ this person, make them feel loved, appreciated, heard, supported, and act as a martyr: they will do everything, even if it sacrifices their needs, to make this person happy. they go the extra mile to make sure everything is okay, loses sleep, doesn’t eat, doesn’t take care of themselves, as they’re too focused on making the person who was hurt happy. the person who was hurt feels like they’re on drugs when the heartbreaker does all these things for them, they feel special and loved unconditionally. the heart breaker, however, has their own problems they are trying to hide by focusing all their energy on making their loved one feel happy. the heart breaker struggles with themselves, hates themselves, and can only grow more hateful as they wish someone did this all for them. the heart breaker had gone through so much as a child, that they are numb, they do not feel anything, almost as if they were on autopilot. the only emotion comprehensible to the heart breaker is anger. the heart breaker used to be a bad person, but they’re not the same anymore, they will be better and make other people happy. or so they thought. trauma does not perish, and their anger is difficult to control all the time. they slip up, sometimes spending hours making their loved one feel horrible, making them feel useless and disposable. they apologise and persist with their mission to make their loved one happy, but destroy it with their anger, persistently. they lie, shout, drink and pursue destructive behaviours because they’re jealous that their loved one spends time with family and friends. the person they once made feel hope again, they destroy relentlessly, more and more. to the point that their loved one doesn’t trust anything, even themselves. they won’t love again, won’t be happy again. they may be in a relationship they can’t leave, but their heart and soul have been permanently broken.
to sum up:

- finds people who are weak, "damaged“
- makes them feel special, supported, etc
- martyr complex to cover up their own problems
- antisocial behaviours (lying, agression, exploitation, unreliable)
- breaks person to point they are unable to trust even themselves. makes the person question themselves.

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