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Those people in council houses with their 40" plasma tvs... watch


    (Original post by Shake 'n Bake)
    I hate it when people talk about things they don't understand. I used to live in a council house in a rather nice area. My parents worked two jobs to send me and my sister to school, pay the rent and pay for Sky and other hi tech gadgets. We never took a penny off thegovernment yet people looked down on us because of the council house stereotype. Living in a council house, is no different from living in a flat.

    Interesting. I guess a lot of people are very ignorant when it comes to this stuff. It's very easy for people to stereotype, but it's clear from this thread that a complete lack of understanding has led to such opinions.

    (Original post by Bubbles*de*Milo)
    You're talking somewhat offensive crap. If someone can't afford a mortgage, by default they rent. They rent either privately or from the council. Where's the problem? My mum can't afford to buy our own house; we live in a council house. Obviously we pay rent (she works), but in the end we can't afford a mortgage. That's not to say we're living on the dole, or we're really, really poor and on minimum wage. It just means we can't afford a mortgage. We still have enough money for 'luxuries', ie a laptop or TV or whatever, just not enough money for a mortgage.Tbh, a laptop/TV doesn't compare to the price of buing your own house... I really don't understand where the trouble is here.
    Couldn't have said it better myself. Some people are so removed from reality they believe what the media tells them.
    They believe people who live in council houses, scrounge off the government, buy stuff on credit and are on the dole. Even if you're on the dole and you work what's wrong with buying nice things on credit once in a while?

    If you came to my area you wouldn't even believe they are council houses (although we've bought ours :p: ).

    (Original post by numb3rb0y)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of being middle-class. If you think lack of a grant is bad, I'm applying to some American universities, and because my parents actually worked hard to keep my family at a good standard of life, but without an obscene number of luxuries, I get completely screwed out of institutional scholarships. Needs-tested benefits need to die. Painfully.
    I couldn't agree with you more. Middle classes do have it the hardest. Work hard all their lives, never out of a job. No benefits, no grants and the highest taxation. And they perform some of the most important jobs in society. So why is it that the middle classes are always overlooked by today's political parties?
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