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Oxford Politics application help

So I am predicted A*AA for ucas and have been getting those grades consistently all year. I didn’t get 8’s and 9’s at GCSE due to covid, I’m working class, from the north, my grades were put down due to the performance of my high school in the past. I still have decent grades, 7s and a couple 6s but it was really disappointing as I had been getting 8s in Y11. I had a conversation with my careers advisor at college who was telling me I should consider applying, but I feel like it seems a bit unrealistic for me because of my past results? I’m sort of focusing on just other unis based in London and the idea of Oxford never really entered my head. I’d also have to take extra tests to get in I think, application in by October aswell. Can anyone help me figure out whether my teacher has just been saying stuff and I should keep focusing on the other unis or if I should actually consider it?
Oxford offers Politics but only if it's in conjunction with History. I am putting this because you didn't mention studying History too.
Cambridge offers a course called Human, Social and Political Sciences which could suit your interests more. Camb is also more lenient when it comes to GCSE grades :smile:

Both Oxford and Cambridge are keen torecruit more from low achieving schools so that is on your side,
Of you dont apply you will always wonder what might have happened if only you had.
And - its only one choice out of 5. Just don't pick all mega competitive high-grade for your other 4 choices - I'd suggest only one of the London colleges max. If you are rejectedf by Oxford and London, you'll still have 3 potential offers..

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