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Out of 10 how fun is driving?

BTW I can't drive, just curious.
10/10 but im a new driver and drive manual 😀although I sometimes prefer being a passenger!
As a new driver its hit or miss. Sometimes I hate making 10 little mistakes on a trip to the supermarket and I'd rather just walk, other times it's really fun. The amount of fun I have is directly related to not making mistakes so hopefully it'll get more fun over time.
It depends on where you are driving. Driving in a traffic jam ain't fun. Driving in a countryside winding road, it's hella fun.

Driving fun also depends on yours and fellow driver's attitude on the road, if you and they respect each other's actions and collaborate with each other, then driving is gonna be fun.

Each car has its own fun factor. A rear wheel drive car is going to be more fun than a front wheel drive car. That push in the seat upon acceleration, that pull you get during cornering around the curves, It all adds up to driving pleasure.

For me being in manual transmission rear wheel drive V8 car, it automatically increases the fun factor by a ton!

With the right car, a Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing 6.2 V8 668 HP and 6 speed manual transmission, perfect driving pleasure! 11/10
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9/10 for me, but I have a fun car, my early morning commutes are often best part of my day.
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just don't see the attraction. much prefer walking or public transport.

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