Ensuite Room available in Norwich City Centre Same price as in campus Ensuite

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Yannie Cheng
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Hiya I am urgently finding a replacement tenant for my Classic ensuite room located in the Norwich city centre.
Its the ONLY 4-room ensuite flat in Crown Place where you only get to share the kitchen with 3 other people since I applied early. In other flats you have to share the kitchen with around 7 people. And living in campus Ensuites you have to share it with 10 or more people in an unfurbished and basic kitchen, when you have to pay the same price as this private accommodation.

£170.5/week. Available from 10 September 2022 to 2 September 2023.
It has the SAME/ CHEAPER WEEKLY PRICE compared to the on-campus accommodation provide by UEA. (On campus Ensuite rooms normally costs £170-200 per week in 2022/23) Plus you get luxurious features like fast broadbands, gym room, cinema room, private dining rooms. Its privately managed so you get a concierge and secured entrance.

Due to some personal reasons i could not afford to live in this private accommodation anymore so I am desperately needing someone to take over my tenancy agreement. Comment below if you are interested. I will get back to you ASAP.
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