Seeing a guy in the army who's going away

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I've been seeing a guy in the army for a couple of months now. To me, it's still quite early on to commit to a relationship or anything, so we've never discussed anything like that. He's just announced he's going away for 4 months, still in the UK but miles away, which has kind of messed things up because things were going well. I knew there was a possibility of this happening, but I guess I didn't really expect it to happen anytime soon, because he just got back from being away just before we met.

I was happy where we were at and getting to know him. But now, without sounding selfish, I don't know what to do. 4 months is a really long time. But I do really like this guy. But I don't know how he feels, and I feel like it wouldn't be the best time to talk about it. I actually feel like I'm more attached than he is, I guess he probably knew in the back of his mind that this could happen.

What do I do? Do I continue talking to him? Or just call it quits? I'm just worried about how hard its gonna be, I'm already sad I didn't even get to say goodbye
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Why can't you stay in touch with each other when he's away in the UK? Most places have WiFi and phone coverage and he's not going to be working 24/7.

My boyfriend and I are both ex-Armed Forces, so whilst we knew what to expect, we were in different roles and once had a year apart, on different continents and with massively different time zones. Hence you need to talk to him and find out more about his career, and decide if you could cope with his lifestyle: where he could be based for his job, when he could be away for training or working abroad, and what other commitments he has, because taking time off or arranging free weekends isn't a given. There'll even be extras like sport, adventurous training, clubs and societies, guard duty, formal dinners and parades that he will be involved with.

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