What’s it like to have BPD?

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CW warning: briefly mentions suicide attempt

After a very dark time in my life, I went to my GP and told her everything before bursting into tears. It took an agonisingly long wait time along with dozens of stiff upper lip uncaring mental health “professionals”, but finally I got a psychiatric assessment from a place called PRISM, I didn’t go to CAMHS because it is, and I don’t say this lightly worse for your mental health then setting your house on fire.

Finally after another wait time they called me back with the results saying that it sounds like I have a personality disorder, they’re incredibly difficult and refuse to tell me more about my condition because they’re “not a diagnostic service”, even though I was only referred to them because they are.

ANYWAY since they refused to fully diagnose me like I so desperately need them to do I went to the NHS website and found that I strongly identify with the symptoms of BPD (I have intense mood swings, I go from adoring someone and literally clinging on to them to being disgusted by their presence and wanting them to leave, I’ve a had a suicide attempt as well as bad self harming ect.)

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