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TU Delft or UCL

Hi all,
I’m starting uni this year and have firmed my offer to study MEng Engineering & Architectural design at UCL. I thought the degree was ideal for me as it looks very creative but with a strong scientific basis, while leaving lots of doors open (I’m a very indecisive person) as I would have a RIBA accredited Part 1 which I think would enable to study for Part 2 while also having a masters in Engineering. However, I’ve been living in London for a while now and feel like a really need a change, like I need to start over somewhere else. I also hold an offer to study architecture at the TU Delft in the Netherlands, which is thus the other uni i’m hesitating with. The programs are quite similar in the way that they’re both very « scientific » (as the UCL one is 60% engineering and the TU Delft is a technical university) and both universities are incredibly renowned for architecture.
UCL seems like the safe option, academically and career-wise but also socially as my family and friends are in London. But I keep thinking I should take the riskier option which to me is going to TU Delft, further away from my support system, also speaking another language, Dutch (I am fluent but have never used the language in a academic context). In my imagination going to the Netherlands could either be really beneficial for my personal development or totally horrible, while staying London to me is like stagnating.

I know no one but me can make a decision, but if any of you that have read this have some insights or have faced a similar choice please tell me.

I am also looking for testimonies from people that have/are doing the MEng Engineering & Architectural design at UCL (it’s a very new program) or have studied architecture at the TU Delft (as I don’t live in the Netherlands I have not met many people that have).

Thank you for reading :smile:
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Hello I know this is off topic. However, I was wondering where you decided to study at? I am an offer holder for UCL Meng engineering and architectural design. So I wanted to know more about this new course.

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