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Can I have two CAS? Can I request the university to withdraw CAS?

My 2020entry undergraduate application and 2021entry undergraduate application are independent. I defer my 2020 unconditional offer(uni of Glasgow) and I already plan to go to the school I was accepted to this year(King's college London). But Uni of Glasgow sent me a CAS today !!!!!

I haven't gotten an unconditional offer from king's yet because I'm still waiting for my June A-level scores. I am sure I can reach the condition of kings' and I want to go to kings'.
What should I do? Must I go to Glasgow now?
help :frown:
If you are not going to Glasgow then you need to tell them that and they will then withdraw your Glasgow CAS.

You wont be issued with a CAS for KCL unti your place becomes Unconditional in Augusr.

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