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Manchester University Accommodation Swaps Official thread 2022

It's that time of year again! :awesome:

This is the official thread for discussing accommodation swaps for Uni of Manchester. :yep:

If you're looking to swap please post below with...
Your sex/gender...
Your study level... (e.g. Undergrad, Postgrad)
What accommodation do you have?
What do you want to swap to?

*Please read the thread to see if there's someone you're looking for. You can search the thread by clicking on the 3 little dots on the top right, type in the name of the accommodation and click search.* :smile:

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I've been given Sheavyn as my halls but I really want Oak House and will also struggle to come up with the money for Sheavyn. Please can someone help or let me know wether its possible/likely that I can change halls?

I need to reply to the offer in the next 4 days
University of Manchester
University of Manchester
I would email the uni or accommodation team asking to be changed, mentioning the finances, and hopefully they’ll offer you Oak House instead
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<a href=
They linked this email
[email protected]
if you don't think you can make the deadline, which means they'll probably get back to you before the 2nd of July if you have any problems with your accommodation.
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Anyone want to exchange any catered hall with DENMARK road?
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Sorry for messaging here but does anyone wanna exchange any catered hall or any accommodation in fallow field with Denmark Road?
hi, would you be willing to exchange with daisy bank? it's not catered but i guess i'll give it a try
Would anyone like to swap for Daisy Bank (51 week)? I prefer to live in the city area.
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I have been trying to find any post regarding accommodation exchange for university of machester for postgraduate students. But did not really find many post regarding this. So I am posting here if any postgraduate students want to exchange their accommodation for 2022-2023.
You can write your current and desired accommodation here.

Current accommodation: Denmark Road
Desired accommodation: Any catered hall
Original post by helloitswinnie
hi, would you be willing to exchange with daisy bank? it's not catered but i guess i'll give it a try

Is it in Victoria Park?
Original post by Yamiraa
Is it in Victoria Park?

yep victoria park
Does anyone wants to swap accommodation? I'm a postgrad student and got an offer for Uttley House in Fallowfield. I'd like to swap it for somewhere cheaper or at least have a catered option like

Ashburne Hall

Hulme Hall - Single with Washbasin (Annexe - Self catered Postgraduate)

Dalton-Ellis Hall - Single without washbasin

St. Anselm Hall - Single without washbasin

Woolton Hall - Single with Washbasin
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I have an offer from Weston, would you be interested in swapping?
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I got an offer for Weston. Would anybody with accommodation at Unsworth Park like to swap with me?
Will swap with you. If it’s the en-suite please message me I have Oakhouse Single No Basin
I have an Accomodation offer for oak house single no basin and would like to swap for anything with an ensuite in fallowfield self catered.
hey sure but i saw that oak house is only for undergraduates
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I have offer for Uttley House, can swap it for Denmark Road
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I have offer for Uttley House, can swap it for Denmark Road