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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Please please please keep anon, this girl uses this forum and this would be awful if she read this.

    Right, theres a person I know (admittedly we used to be friends but now we're not really close) and she gets EMA, but to be honest her family are LOADED! They live in a huge house, her mum doesn't work because her dad earns so much money. He has businesses so I doubt that he declares all the money he makes to the government. So anywya she lives in a huge house, has the latest clothes etc, and I think its so unfair. People genuinely need that £30 a week, and my parents pay tax and she doesn't deserve it.
    I saw an advert saying "we get 500 phone calls a day, we are cracking down on benefit fraud" and I thought, can I report her? Should I?
    I don't know what to do, help please tsr!
    how does it affect you? why not just mind your own business?

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    please keep anon, personal.

    fgs, if her parents arent earning lots of money then she is entitled to it.

    i live in a 7 bedroom house as well, and my parents happen to own a few houses (this is the line of business they are in). EVERYONE assumes we are so well off and extremely loaded, but actually we have no family holidays, my parents work 7 days a week and earn less than the £17,000. So I happened to get EMA as well, and i really needed it.

    You have no idea what financial situation she is in, it seems such a spiteful thing to do. How the hell is it affecting you? and yes your parents pay tax but so do hers. Ok, so its not 100% sure that she isnt scamming the system, but at the end of the day, so what if she is, loads of ppl do.
    Exactly - some people can look on the outside that they are absolutely loaded but they may in fact be cash poor and not be earning all that much money. They may have a lot of assets but just not earn that much. If you are that bothered, why not just ask her about it?
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