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Access to HE Nursing with Stonebridge

I’m just posting to see if anyone has any experience studying their Access to HE, via distance learning with Stonebridge.
I’m looking to start the Access to HE in Nursing, so just wanted to get an idea of what they’re like.

Any advice is much appreciated!
I'm over a year in to a 2 year part time distance learning course with them - access to nursing..
It's a challenge, I won't lie. I work a full time job with plenty of over time, 2 kids and a house to run. Tutor support is slow and somewhat lacking.. There's no help if you're stuck. You can submit a draft, then a submission, then if you mess that up you have one more attempt at a resub before you fail the unit.. (I've never failed one, but am very stuck on unit 11 currently).
The course guidance is quite difficult to understand. Not for the use of the words they chose, but for the way they go about explaining things.
If you're happy to work by yourself, finding all the information out for yourself (mostly via the internet unless you have a very well-stocked library or have lots of money to buy books), and you're not too bothered about having any support from anyone other than yourself and the occasional stranger on the internet, then go for it.
What do you have to lose. Other than money, your patience and all of your free time! lol

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