does he like me or my friend?

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okay so basically this new guy came to my school halfway through this year and my friend obviously showed interest in him as soon as he came. she makes it a bit too obvious that she likes this guy and i can’t say anything about it or she’ll think that i like him. and i don’t wanna ruin our friendship or anything cause she’s a great friend (we’re not that close tbh) and anytime he walks by she stares at him and then grins at me and stuff like that. she always ships me with him and suggests that we should start dating cause we're "so perfect for each other", and it sort of makes me feel uncomfortable at times cause she knows i haven’t liked him before, but recently like the past 5 or 6-ish months i’ve started to feel something for him and i hate feeling this way. it’s like i’m crushing on someone i know i’m not supposed to be talking to. she’s never actually confessed that she liked him, she just flirts with him and pulls him out of class to talk to him and anytime there's an event at school he has to be there with us. i don’t know why but i feel like he’s leading us both on, cause during the beginning of the year she’d text him and then they’d like eventually start talking but then one day he liked followed me on literally everything so that was a bit weird. and when i told her that he followed me she was like oh i’m not cheap adding guys on everything, she basically called me a wh*re for adding this guy on f*cking instagram. and the next day she followed him too which was honestly a bit funny cause look who’s talking. anyways he’s actually a nice person even though we’ve gotten into more than one fight over something stupid, but he ended up apologizing and it all turned out to be alright. he always comes up to me and like randomly talks to me and starts at me really awkwardly which makes me feel a bit weird cause he just stares too much and doesn’t quite say anything. he’s always flirty on text but it’s like sort of friendly as well but flirty at the same time. and lately whenever my friend talks about him in front of us i just get the ick, like with her and him at the same time. he does give me butterflies and i do feel something for him but i don’t think i’ll ever confess how i feel cause i want to like him but these random feelings of disgust is really getting in the way. he’s always giving me mixed feelings and i’m very confused. i honestly don’t know what to do cause whenever anyone’s talking or if he’s like talking to another person, not me, he just stares at me and smiles. i don’t want him to stare at me, i don’t want him to like me i just don’t want to develop anything for him cause i know it's not gonna get me anywhere.
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this kind of feels like the same story i have too

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