Student Finance wants me to pay back a Grant Overpayment

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Hey all, sorry but this might be a long one,

As we all know student finance a can be a pain and currently i am being pestered to pay back a grant payment i was given back in the year 2016/17.

To start at the beginning, i started university in 2016/17 and at the time applied for student Loan and Grant - i got approved and all was good.
- come to 2018/19 and i am asked to have my full student finance history reevaluated. at the time i was told it was because i might have been under paid because of the removal of Grants in the year 2016/17.
after the revaluation they saw i was still receiving grants and had moved me over to full loan payments - still okay just a load of hassle.

now come to 2021 and i had graduated in 2020 and i am now being chased to repay the grant i was given in 2016/17 as for some reason this was never recalculated and changed to a loan repayment in 2018/19.
the repayment i am being assed to pay is £3387 as this was the full amount of grant available back in 2016/17 when they were still available.

from chasing up on appeals that never get answers i finally got to a rude complains team leader saying the reason i have to pay is because "it was missed at the time of reevaluation, oh well, we just need to money to clear an audit trail."

Now i am reaching out as i am at my last legs of i don't know who i can contact anymore. SFE just ignore anything i am saying regarding the issues and i cannot afford almost £4000 due to them making an error.
If anyone knows who i can talk to or where d o need to go to help try get this sorted then it will be much appreciated.

TLDR: SFE wants me to pay back a grant from the year grants were still available due to an error on there part of not recalculating it when they did my other years recalculations. they now ignore anything i or do via there official procedures.

Again sorry for the long post and thank you.
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Hi I am currently in the same issue with student finance and fought it through any possible way I could through their own means. They have now passed my case on to Ccs debt agency. I still do not want to have to pay the grant back as it was a mistake made on their behalf, as they admitted they never even originally assessed me in the first place and just handed me the money. And now they want it all back, even though my dad was 100 over the margin according to them. Where is your case at right now? Would love to know your situationKatie

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