Tenancy Takeover - Anglia House, Cambridge

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!!quite urgent!!

The room in question is a Classic Ensuite, women's only room in Anglia House, Cambridge.

Flat/Bed Number: 027.1, Floor 1

The building has a 4 star rating on Student Crowd, and is all inclusive with high speed Wifi, 24hr support and on-site laundry services.
The room is for Anglia Ruskin University students.

Price: £185 a week

Synopsis from website:
"Offering great value for money, these rooms vary in size from 13sqm – 16sqm and are available on a variety of different floors so there will always be a room to suit your preferences. Enjoy the privacy of your own en-suite room whilst sharing a stylish kitchen/diner with friends in a 4, 5 or 6 bedroom flat."

Reason for leaving: I really wanted to keep the flat, but family issues have come up, so I will not be moving in my first year there.

Please reply if you would like this room, and I will send details over to Anglia House.

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