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Materials science and engineering without doing chemistry a level

I currently do maths, physics and computer science A level, but I'm not sure if I'd be at a disadvantage doing material science without a level chemistry. Most of the university subject requirements just say any two from maths, physics and chemistry, so I'm not sure if me not doing chemistry past GCSEs will be a problem.
If it's relevant, I got an 8 in chemistry at GCSE.

I have just finished my chemistry A Level. From looking at the course content for a material science degree there are modules that cover chemistry topics up to A Level in year 1. So I imagine that everyone would be at the same level despite the fact they have done A Level chemistry or not. That being said, thinking about my A Level Chem experience... it was hard, for a duration of two years. So cramming knowledge of chemistry that you probably haven't used since GCSE will be pretty full on, although I should think that courses will have extra classes/tutorials in place to help those who don't have an A Level in Chemistry.

So you won't necessarily be disadvantaged but it may be hard for the first year. From my experience organic chemistry is quite material-based as well as some of the physical chemistry topics such as transition metals. I'm assuming you're in year 12 as you would be done with A levels by now if you were in year 13, so I'd recommend doing some extra reading & research over the summer into the A Level chemistry content. Speak to anyone you know who is doing Chem or even the chemistry department at your college. Check out the course content for some material science degrees at some universities as well - you'll get an idea then.
If you wanted to do that bit of independent study, id reccomend checking out MaChemGuy on youtube - he got me through chemistry and has a load of really good videos.

Anyway, hope this is of some help. Good luck with the rest of your A Levels, and let me know if you have any more Qs around chemistry!

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