what have u guys done after exams?

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i have not left the house since my exams finished and just feel super demotivated. idk wether i am burnt out or just falling into old habits. i was so productive during exams, studying 8-10 hours a day, meditating, reading books, cooking healthy food etc (yes i somehow did all this daily). now i’m back to my old self, spending all day on tiktok, binge watching love island and living on junk food. i feel extremely tired even thinking about being productive. i’m praying i’m just burnt out and not turning to my old lazy self. my last exam was on friday btw
how are u guys doing?
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I feel exactly the same way, I’m constantly worry about the results, trying to calculate my grades when in reality, there’s no way of knowing and it’s probably better than what I’m stressing about. Even when I try to do something productive or fun, it just doesn’t seem to work and isn’t enjoyable 😭 so I know exactly what you mean

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