Was my boyfriend’s friend flirting with me? Should I tell him?

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So I was friends with his friend and we’d message eachother from time to time. However he said or done some things that i don’t know would be considered a bit sus, like occasionally he’d send me a ‘hey x’ and he commented on a pic of mine saying ‘beautiful’ and compared me to an actress he thought was cute. These were some things he said but literally only these things out of many other convos which were what you’d consider strictly platonic. I’m confused as to whether he was flirting or just being friendly with platonic compliments, I mean the comment on the pic was something that my bf would see since he was tagged so, but I still feel like these were out of pocket things to say to your mates gf. Idk if I’m overthinking it and I should just move past it- also to add that the last time me and my bf spoke to him was 2020 since they had a falling out over something unrelated (money issues) so would it even be worth bringing up? I kind of also don’t like hiding this from my bf and feel dishonest, I didn’t tell him all this time bc as I said I was confused as to whether it’s flirting and didn’t want to concern him over nothing, and especially now since they don’t talk anymore.
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It’s pretty mild social interaction stuff, and people can find you attractive even if you have bf. I wouldn’t be inclined to raise it, unless he comes on stronger or you want to

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