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Applying for Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology or Bioengineering

Hi everyone :smile:
I am currently doing CIE A-Level and will be applying to universities soon for 2023 intake. I am planning on applying for biomedical engineering, bioengineering or biotechnology. I have got a few questions that I would like your advice on. Thank you! :smile:

1. What is the difference between biomedical engineering, bioengineering and biotechnology ?
2. What are examples of things can I do that would be helpful for personal statement and interviews?
3. If I am sitting for my AS this Oct 2022, would I be using actual AS results to apply and not predicted grades ?
4. Which unis would you advice on applying to ?
5. Any admission test required to sit for ?
1) Read the course descriptions. Go to Uni Open Days and listen to course/subject presentations.
2) Unless you are applying for Oxbridge or Manchester you wont be interviewed, Useful list of estra reading here and how to incorprate it into a PS here MOOCS here -
3) Your referee provides predicted grades for your A levels, You must list all your AS grades etc in your application.
4) Read this - - especially the section about applying to 5 Unis with a range of grade requirements -
5) Unless its stated on the course page at each Uni, no
Read the course descriptions to decide what you want to do, although they sound the same you'll find what is actually taught is quite different between the same named degrees across universities yet alone between different named courses.

Bioengineering and biotechnology are more biology based in general than the biomed eng. However at some uni's biomed eng is very biology based and actually the same as bioengineering at other uni's. However the majority of uni's teach biomed eng with the same general first 2 years across all engineering courses with a few biology based modules. Just read and chose the one you want to do in the place you want to do it.

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