“It was scary to think of giving up a job and studying again.” | Chris, Adult Nursing

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Chris, 40, from Keighley, had worked as a chef in a café for most of his adult life. But when the café was forced to close in 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, Chris had time to step back and re-evaluate his life and career choices.

He is soon to complete his first year on the Adult Nursing course at Bradford. This is his story:

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My wife and I have been talking about becoming nurses for the past 10 years. However, with young children and a mortgage, not having the security of knowing everything would get paid, and that we could go on holiday from time to time, was quite daunting. It was scary to think we would have to stop doing all that to study again.

I saw the passion nurses had through the pandemic and thought, I want to be part of that.

The transition to university was much easier than the transition to college. I felt more prepared.

There’s a good mix of classroom-based learning and practical sessions on the course at Bradford, and learning on placement has been my favourite part of the course so far.

I’m also a proud ambassador for male nurses, fighting the stigma that it’s a female job. There’s still such a shortage; only 10 per cent of staff on wards are male - in 2022, you’d think it’d be so much higher. We need more male nurses to work in practice and know that nursing is a fulfilling job for anyone, irrespective of gender.

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