driving lessons during 3rd year? advice pls

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Hi guys, I need a bit of advice please.

So I started doing lessons around October last year whilst in 2nd year of Uni. It was not my choice & my parents basically booked these lessons for me behind my back. I went along with it and did 1 hour lessons every week from October to April with some break weeks during deadlines & exams. Now, I have very bad anxiety & it gets worse when it comes to driving. I stopped taking lessons in April to focus on my 2nd year exams & honestly, I wanted to drop driving altogether as I feel like 3rd year will be even busier & harder. Unfortunately, both of my parents are really pushing me to continue & want me to start taking lessons again straight away. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm close to taking my test yet since I am still struggling with roundabouts, parallel parking & I have a bad habit of not slowing down enough before taking turns & therefore I don't think I could pass this summer, especially as I don't want to go back to my old instructor (used to always show up 30 minutes late, making me late for uni & would never give me time back at the end + would never apologise or anything) & none of the good instructors are available at the moment where I live, meaning I would probably be doing lessons whilst in 3rd year.

Now my actual question: do you guys think it would be too stressful taking lessons whilst in 3rd year? (I do biomed). I honestly don't know what to do. I was thinking maybe I could get back into it as soon as 3rd year is over, but my parents are REALLY forcing me to start lessons straight away again.
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Do ur parents have a reason for pushing u?

Don’t force urself to take the lessons if u feel like u aren’t ready. Especially since u mentioned about developing anxiety as a result. Assuming this will be ur final yr, 3rd yr usually does get demanding (e.g., dissertation, exams, placement). If u’re someone with good time management then juggling driving lessons & uni should be manageable to some extent. However ur driving anxiety could affect some aspects of ur academic life (speaking from personal experience — when I had a bad lesson I used to get upset & dwell on it in class). I’d focus on completing 3rd yr with no potential distractions and graduating with a good classification. U have all the time after to focus on building up ur confidence to drive again!

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