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    I was just reading the thread about whether it's ok to fly a St George flag and wondered what people's thoughts are on the Confederate flag in the USA. A lot of my American friends, mostly Democrats, automatically associate the Southern Confederate flag with racism, and have the same attitude that people seem to have to St George's in the UK- that it's not PC or appropriate to fly it. But is the confederate, or St George flag, inherently racist? Thinking about it, it's a big symbol of Southern identity in the US, just as people might see St George's as a nationalistic thing in England. But does its racist connotation outweigh this and make it obsolete in today's society?
    Just wondered what people think about this!:confused:

    I think the sort of people who associate flags with certain assumed elements of the people who lived, fought and died under them are the real racists.

    A lot of perfectly decent people respect the southern traditions associated with the Confederate battle flag, and indeed fought on the side of its army during the American civil war.

    The problem people have with the St George's cross is that its renaissance has been mainly brought about in a vulgar, cheapened way: tatty ones flying from white vans, covering dodgy council estates during the world cup.

    In both cases though, there is a clear reluctance for people of other ethnicities to associate with these symbols. That doesn't make them inherently racist though, what is racist is those complete ****-wits who maintain that whilst you can be black and British, you can't be black and English.

    I read an article written by James May (from Top Gear) who compared the swastika and confederate flag. I think he was way off base to make that kind of analogy. The flag everyone calls the "confederate flag" is actually a battle flag, not a national flag. It never flew over a slave nation. General P.G.T. Beauregard wanted a flag created that looked completely different than any existing national flags at the time because they looked too much alike and there would be confusion over who is who on the battlefield. I think who say they are offended by this particular flag are a bit ignorant and misguided.

    Calling the Confederate Battle Flag a racist symbol is something that became the politically correct thing to do only recently. Everyone remembers the Dukes of Hazzard TV series from the late 70s and early 80s. The Duke boys drove an orange car with a Confederate Battle Flag painted on the roof of the car and no one gave it a second thought at the time.
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