How do I ask to meet my bf's friends?

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So I’ve been with my bf for nearly 3 years now, but I’ve never met his uni friends (we’re both currently students and will be for a few more years, yay postgrad life!).

We actually briefly went on a break not too long ago because I was so insecure about the state of our relationship (we weren’t communicating well at ALL) and when we decided to stay together he said he’d make a big effort to get me around his friends.

He had an awful childhood and says that he keeps groups of people separate as a result of that, which I respect but it’s been over a month that we’ve been properly dating again and there’s no sign of me meeting the uni people (aka his main friends).

I met some of his work friends just after we got back together, but there’s this girl that he’s friends with in the uni group who honestly is weirdly close to him (she got him a card for his birthday that had a love heart on the front saying "you'll do" and had jokes inside about him always keeping her entertained and how she loves his w**nie more than his beanie , he said it's an inside joke about the cadaver they had in first year and that they're just super close friends but it made me feel weird [I get having close friends of other genders, and I've shared a bed with guy friends before and his explanation was open and calm and not defensive at all so I accept it, it just feels weird!] ), and I really want to meet her especially so I can see there’s definitely nothing going on there. Plus, ya know, it'd be nice to be involved in his life outside our little bubble!

Any advice on how to go about bringing up the subject would be much appreciated! I don’t want to press him too much with it and I’m quite anxious by nature so other opinions would be nice ahaha
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i assume your boyfriend was the one who asked you out, hit on you

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