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I will be providing revision notes for some physics topics, requests available now!

The first set of notes for the entire Section 6A will be available soon. The notes will consist of very advanced content, which I learnt in university, such that if you understand them, you are highly likely to pick up an A*.
I will also provide notes for section 6B, 4A, 4B, 6C, 3C over the summer. Each set needs at least five requests such that it can be made.
I have stormed to an A* when I did a university physics course (as HKUST gifted program) on the side of A levels, and picked up the highest mark in Physics in the school for 2021. I was also one of two students who picked up a perfect 300/300 in an AS subject when I did it in Physics. Now I am taking a physics module in uni, and based on my past experience, this should be able to make you understand better and storm to top grades. If I minor in physics, I will be able to provide the full set of notes for all sections (1-11).
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Thanks for your offer- those are really impressive grades! I’m looking forward to my Physics A-levels in Oct this year (I’m a private candidate so I’m sitting all of them- AS and A2 at once) and it’d be greatly appreciated if you could send me any advanced notes you have (though I’m doing Edexcel IALs… so slightly different syllabus than what you’re doing… CIE, I presume?)

I’m working towards full UMS in physics I think I’ll be able to get an A* (well obviously not 100% sure but I am somewhat there), but I need an extra push to get to full UMS, especially for A2!! Thank you, if you decide to make them!
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