Degree Apprenticeship or well paid and flexible job

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Hi there! I am thinking about this topic for about a month or so now.I am 27 years old and I live currently in Liverpool, after being 6 years in the UK I am truly tired to migrate from job to job and really want to shape my future career, which I think should be in the IT industry because I am very interested and eager to learn, although I never tried to work in the industry.By the beginning of the year 2022, I applied for Universities and Apprenticeships around and after half of the year, I got accepted to a Digital and Technology Solution Degree Apprenticeship in Manchester, which I was super excited about it and was thinking, YES! THAT'S IT!!!I recently started a new job where I am very well paid, I can work from home and I feel the company would support me if I would go to university, which feels amazing and I never felt like this before, like this is a great company to work for, although the department I am working for will not be my dream career in the long run and I would love still to shape my career towards IT. So now my question is... Should I risk everything and move to Manchester and try this apprenticeship or should I stick with what I know and work for this company and possibly start university and hope in the future I could move towards the IT department within the company?

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