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so i met a guy on a hookup app, we were both looking for something casual. I told him im using another dating app to look for something more serious (but don't use it much..) but that I'm not looking for that with him. We met twice and had a good time. We have very little in common and i don't think we're a good match, they also had a lot of red flags that made me think i should be careful but still had some connection in an intimate way and they were sweet sometimes.

By the third time we met i said i don't see long term prospects but enjoyed hanging out. They then got quite hurt and said they had thought we had the potential for long term. I don't like hurting people, but i confused by this situation. Should i see them again? i feel a bit confused
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No - You are not helping anyone by being misleading or vague in your intentions and ultimately this will hurt this man (a lot)

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