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Re: others with hirsutism???0 help


I am AS, a student and I am conducting my dissertation on the impact of social constructs surrounding female body hair on the self perception of hirsute females. As an individual, living with Hirsutism I understand the impact and issues a hirsute female goes through during the entire experience of living with hirsutism , right from the first appearance of the symptoms until working through ways of hair removal and hair growth management strategies. Hence I intend to study further and in depth the experiences of hirsute females around to add to the existing literature pool a representation of these unspoken voices combined.

In order to achieve this, I am conducting a qualitative study focusing on the living experiences of hirsute females for which I need participants. The interview shall take place as per the participant's convenience via zoom and shall last for about 30-45 minutes. In order to know more about the study. If interested, Please fill the demographic form given below:

Thank you in advance.

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