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Hello, I’ve recently got a Bsc in Geography, 1st. My A levels are lacking (CCB) in Geography, History and Philosophy. In an ideal world I’d go into an engineering qualification but obtaining the necessary A-levels such as maths and physics seems a expensive and time consuming ordeal which is likely not worth it in my case. I’m unsure if I even could. Therefore i was thinking of doing a masters in Environmental Techology as it seems I could be qualified to get in and seems to combine engineering and Geography. Can anyone tell me from experience what the course is like? Is it maths based or writing based? How challenging did you find it? And which university’s offer it? Also if anyone knows any courses similar I could apply for, engineering/technology/Geography based courses that I could be eligible for, or ones I could do foundation years or similar for? Thank you for any answers or knowledge. All the best

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