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    (Original post by Maths Genius)
    Not true.

    How can someone help receiving bad tuition? How can someone help not making any friends despite efforts being made?
    By learning how to study on their own (yes, it is possible - my entire course is focused on self directed study).

    As for making friends: if you can't make friends at university, then you have no social skills whatsoever (which is completely untrue, given that your post to me made relevant points using relatively polite - if disagreeing - terminology).

    Of course you can make friends. Sometimes if you try too hard, you get even further away than if you don't try at all. So relax a little bit and broaden your sphere in terms of people you meet. If you STILL can't make friends, then I suggest the problem lies with you and not everyone else.

    It's been better than I expected. Before I started I was terrified that everyone else would be much cleverer than me and that I'd make no friends, or no one that I'd make really good friends with.

    In reality, everyone seems to be on the same level. Obviously, some know more than others, having done Politics at A-Level, which I didn't, but in terms of the things they don't know I'm picking them up just as quickly. I've also made some wonderful, really close friends in just the 6 weeks I've been here. I'm having a brilliant time, actually

    I love the people, I love living in my own house, I love the freedom to do/say whatever I want, I love the academic independence, I love the vibrancy, I love the politics.

    I had a very mixed first year - an unsucessful relationship that ended after a year, troubles with my (honourary) floor-mates, depression, anxiety, poor attendance in lectures/seminars.

    However, now I'm really, really involved in the more 'political' side of university, I've joined a great social society, I have some very interesting companions, I've re-ignited my love for an old friend . . . it is stressful and occasionally very depressing, but totally worth it!

    Course is a bit rubbish at times, and all my mates are out there in the big wide world earning decent money!

    It's been much better and much worse than I ever expected. I was ready to quit by the end of my first term after being put through terrible experiences on my first placement and being failed after receiving no support and I would now say that I was bullied by my mentor. Towards the end of my first year life got better, my boyfriend became used to me being on placement all the time, because at the beggining of the year our relationship suffered and my placements became better, my confidence soared. First year was difficult in terms of living arrangements, but in the end the girls in my flat all became friends.

    The first term of year 2 knocked me straight back to where I was in the beggining, I had a placement I hated because I was used as a scivvy rather than being given the oppurtunity to learn, staff were constantly *****ing and my mentor firstly told me "I can't be bothered to mentor you I'll hand you to someone else" then passing me on to another mentor who mostly ignored me and gave me no advice or criticism. I had a tonic clonic fit after I tried to fit all my hours in (I did 43hrs in 3 days) and on my last day I was failed despite having asked for feedback and being given none and what was written about me was completely contradictory of what was signed off in the rest of my portfolio. Again the year got better and come my last yr2 placement I became more determined and confident to prove everyone wrong. Second year living arrangements were the worst mistake I ever made in my life.

    Year three has brought me my best placement yet and my confidence has continued to grow, it's proven to me that support is paramount to me knowing what to do and how to go about doing it. It's really horrible when you don't feel that you can ask questions or go to someone if you're feeling under pressure or something is wrong. On friday I will find out where my next placement is and I'm determined that noone is going to knock me down. This year I live in a house of 32 people and I love it.

    I expected it to be good, and I think it has been a little better than that.
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