National Clinical Assessment for 2022

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Asmaa Al-bashier
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I'm an IMG looking to apply for the UKFP 2023 and I have to undergo the national clinical assessment this year, since I would have graduated by more than two years by the start of the program. I also haven't started an internship elsewhere. Since it's been a long time I feel quite rusty on a lot of things. I also know that there would be some things on that exam that I haven't come across before, so I definetely won't be on the level of an FY2 doctor. I'd like to get some experience so that I'm not simply learning this stuff through clinical skills assessment courses. What type of training could I find that would help me refresh and cover these gaps?

P.s. I'm located in the west midlands, just in case anyone has suggestions that I could find in the region.

Many thanks in Advance

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