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Hello all and sorry for the post!

I had an interview online yesterday and feel really downbeat about it. It was for a research in engineering position. I was asked multiple questions, but these three are ones I felt poor in answering. Do you think I should worry?

First: A time I had to carry out a task that I had no previous experience in and what I learnt from it.

My answer: When in college I was asked to carry out a group project in an area I had no experience of. Stated that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing being asked to carry out a new task. I broke the task down into manageable objectives, and created a timeline so more manageable. I also utilised other members of the team with experience in the area. What I learnt was that I could have adopted a larger share of the workload to fully understand the project as a whole. I also reflected that there was not a clear leader - I said that I enjoy leadership responsibilities but perhaps would have been unable to offer assistance and would not have been a good fit.

Second: Detail times when working in contrasting teams, and what I would have done to improve the poorly performing team.

Good: I used an example of when I served in the Army. There were clearly defined and re-enforced goals, strong leadership, everyone appreciated each others abilities and mutual understand and respect for each individual's role. Accountability was also present.

Bad: sales team. Had to work in different areas with different team members, no one understood who was doing what, it could be chaotic at times. No clear hierarchy. Improve by clear leader with positions underneath to micro manage and reinforce roles and aims. Fixed positions.

Third: use of communication during an unpleasant event.

Conflict resolution: Angry and upset customer. Employed active listening, listened to there concerns and apologised. Still was upset, asked to speak with customer in a side room, deescalated the situation and had conversation. Found out family member was unwell, and explained that we don't know what is happening in someone's life that could be putting extra pressure on them. Found resolution.

Sorry this is a long one.
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They seem fine to me, not poor and #3 a strong answer indeed because of the personal ownership of the actions. Just by having examples you’ll be ahead of candidates that are fazed by the phrasing of the question. As to how examples are judged it will be some element of the interviewers empathy with the scenario and how credibly your answer come across. To be honest I am not sure competency based interviewing is as powerful as made out. Don’t worry about it, just see what happens.

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