Taking up the same sport as my boyfriend

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I (f) am going into second year at uni and i want to join a bigger society and get fit, i’ve been interested in rowing for the past few months, i use the rowing machine at the gym a few times a week, a few of my friends do rowing and really love it and i’d love to give it a go.

My issue is that my boyfriend is a rower- would taking up rowing encroach on his personal space? I really don’t want it to look like i’m being clingy, I genuinely am very interested in the sport and know how much time and effort rowing takes up so i’d be mad to take it up for anything other than genuine interest. I don’t think I would actually see him at all while rowing as he is a senior man and I would be a novice woman and the squads don’t cross, but we would end up at the same socials.

If it weren’t for my boyfriend rowing I absolutely would try it out but I don’t want him to feel like his personal space is being invaded. We already spend a lot of time together and do an academic society together once a month. I really value our relationship and everything is going really well so don’t want him to feel smothered but also I don’t want to avoid something i’m really interested in just because it’s “his thing” as I feel like I might live to regret never trying it.

Any advice? Does anyone have an experience with anything like this?
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Why not just..wait for it….ask him?


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