mom overly protecting my sister

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I had beautiful long hair but idk why I think due to stress I had severe hair loss nd not just for one year it was from 2-3 years. Its obvious that this can make any person worried and mainly what I was concerned about as the underlying issue I didn't even know why this is happening. I used to show my worries to my mom just to like discuss and instead of giving me hope and understanding me she started kind of like taking care of my sisters hair who also have beautiful long hair and thinking in her mind that I must be jealous of her that's why im so concern about mine. When in reality its not that I never had beautiful hair even after losing some my hair still get compliments etc and in reality I never even notice what type of hair my sisters have etc or got jealous of any of them. I was just concerned about myself and shared my worries with my mom but instead she thought that since I m worried about myself she should protect her other daughter which is for me is very ridiculous way of thinking and it has deeply hurt me.
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That is actually really annoying and disappointing when people assume you have bad intentions. Everyone is capable of thinking like this. It's not nice, but just ignore it.
As long as you know you don't think negatively like that, it's all good.

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