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Non of my friends want to go with me as they have commitments, but I really can’t miss shenseaa. Any tips? I’m a female and possible travelling back by public transport. Kinda nervous to go on my own. What’s a reasonable time to head home (will take 3 hours).

Thanks x
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I'm sure you'll make friends at Wireless. just be careful and stick to your plans for getting there / getting home safe and sound.
I started going to events on my own, and now have a vast group of friends that I see at music events (not commercial music that Wireless specialises in, but more trance events).
Just be yourself, be kind, ask people and dance. make connections, maybe a future bf will be there, who knows?

Have a look at the lineup, and plan who you want to see. you control your own future, so don't worry about what others are doing.
work out when the last bus/train is from the festival, and budget for the surcharge in taxis if you end up getting one.
If the act you want to see is closing the night, then follow this example:

less than 1 hour, not worth seeing them and head home.
if they are playing for 1 hour, see 30 mins of their set, then leave.
if they are playing for 1:30hrs, see them for 45 mins, then leave.
2 hours or more, watch them for 1 hr, then leave.

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