Making friends/ relationships as a 19 year old

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Any advice for me?

I struggle hugely socially and have no friends. I recently lost my job so I lost some social contact there. No one stayed in touch with me after leaving school/the brief period of time i was at university so no one there. Dating apps usually leave me feeling worse, have basically no success, if i match its rare that a date actulaly happens and even when that date happens its usually just the once, with most of the girls either just on it for fun/to boost their ego or for sex. Tried bumble bff and I usually seem to just attract gay guys who pretend they want a friend but actually just want to f*ck me, i'm trying a Meetup for people with depression (which i have) but other than that im stuck. Literally i think i could disappear off the face of the earth and no one but my family would know i was gone
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Hiya, this isn't much help but I'm turning 19 and I know what it's like to struggle with depression and feel lonely. Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like a chat, it doesn't have to be related to any of this either. Even if you just want someone to take your mind off things, boost your mood etc

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