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Improving a 20 year old's style

At the minute I wear a lot of black jeans, but I want to look more put together.

Is it worth investing in a designer bag not too pricey
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Why don't you try some blue acid wash jeans instead of black? Black jeans tend to hide your shape. Also, do you prefer skinny jeans or something a bit looser?

In terms of t-shirts and tops, it depends on your size, your shape and what you feel comfortable showing. Some women dislike certain parts of themselves and want to avoid drawing attention to them, such as their shoulders, breasts, stomach, arms, etc. So definitely bare this in mind when shopping for new pieces. I think lighter coloured tops and more airy fabrics are a good way to go, especially in the current season. In autumn/winter, there are some nice feminine jumpers available that are pretty comfortable and you can get them in a 'roll neck' style, which can look feminine.

A good quality handbag is something that can make you look more feminine and is also practical, so I'd advise getting one. It doesn't necessarily have to be designer, though. Designer doesn't necessarily equal the best quality. You're paying for the brand, really. Black/brown handbags are good as you can pair them with lots of outfits.

Pinterest is a good site if you want to explore styles and see which you prefer. You can create a board and start to emulate which pieces go well together based on what you've seen.

I'd need to know a bit more about your preferences in order to give further suggestions.

Hope this helps.
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Original post by lovelyl1234
Many thanks for your advice, would you mind if I pmed you more?

Go ahead, happy to help!
I'd recommend at least 3 little black number evening dresses and a few bodycon dresses in red or blue.
Maybe two or three brightly coloured velvet skirt suits with matching jackets.

Half a dozen pairs of chunky block heels and a few pairs of wedges if you like them.
5+ pairs of hallmarked sterling silver and gold earrings- clip on or pierced.
A few handbags and clutch bags.
A dozen necklaces and bracelets with aquamarine, emerald, crystal, ruby, sapphire or pearl.
Good basics are where it begins but your own style is what matters (not everything looks good or bad on everyone). But basic camisoles and v-neck T-shirt’s are always useful. Well fitting jeans in black and blue (again the style totally depends on you. Skinny, relaxed fit and bootcut are some you could try) and denim shorts give you a good basis for outfits. Jackets wise a denim jacket, a leather jacket and a suede jacket in neutral colours can cover a variety of outfits from casual to going out. Shoes wise I think a pair of white trainers, then something like classic vans, ankle boots and simple black heels are all good things to have in. Then dresses -a couple of cute sundresses in nice materials and a few bodycon dresses or LBDs can be dressed up or down.

Well fitting, comfortable underwear would be my recommended start. Doesn’t have to be expensive just flattering. Places like ASDA actually do decent underwear and reasonable prices! I have T-shirt bras in black, white and nude, some soft lace thongs (they don’t don’t hurt your bum!) and then a couple of ‘sexy’ matching sets so there’s something to go with every outfit

Accessories can make you look quite pulled together- jeans and a T-shirt look elevated when you’ve got some cute jewellery and bags. I don’t think you can go wrong with a classic black handbag (it matches most things!). Decide if you prefer gold or silver jewellery and have some simple necklaces you can layer, a couple of bracelets and stacking rings.

The final point is hair and makeup/skincare. Clothes aside, these things can make a huge difference. You don’t have to make changes here or wear makeup if you don’t want to. But a good hair conditioning treatment can make your hair look shinier and play around with hairstyles to find what feels good for you (and the more you practice the easier things get! So hair styling might seem like a pain but once you’ve worked out exactly how to do what you want it doesn’t take as long). Makeup is totally your choice. A few good items to have are a concealer, bronzer, highlighter, blush, eye pencil, mascara and lipgloss.

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