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Sociology of Education

Your report must include an evaluation of the following:
An aspect of education’s socialising role.
At least two different perspectives and their ideas regarding the role of education in contemporary society.
Has anyone done this report?? if so can you help!!!1

You will need to discuss the concept of meritocracy within your report, and critically assess whether the British educational system operates in a meritocratic way.

Finally, you need to critically assess labelling theories.
i haven't done a report or anything, i'm a gcse student but hopefully this will help

aspect of educations' socialising role - provides socialisation through the hidden curriculum, which teaches students punctuality, obedience etc
perspective 1 (functionalist) - say it's good because when the students are older they can conform to the rules of the workplace which provides social order
perspective 2 (marxist) - says it allows for exploitation because the hidden curriculum teaches students to be obedient and submissive, so when they get older and they're being exploited, they don't go against the bourgeoisie

functionalists say society is meritocratic and provides social mobility. also the smart students get the good grades and good jobs, and the opposite for the other students. also talk about marxists and how social class impacts educational achievement
labelling theories - talk about the halo effect and how social class impacts educational achievement

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