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I desperately need help with biology A-level!!

I do biology for A-level (as well as Sociology and Spanish but those aren't important because I'm fine with those) and I am struggling a lot with the subject. I have a learning difficulty which means I struggle with maths and science a lot which means I am getting bad grades in biology. My teacher has said he won't help because it's my problem and even though my parents complained, still nothing has happened. I have tried many different methods of studying but I can't find anything that helps me actually remember the knowledge and then apply it in exams, and I am extremely slow when it comes to studying this subject (because of my learning difficulty.) and I also cannot afford a tutor. I do the OCR A course and was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips/ recourses that could be very useful. I understand this is an awkward question because I'm being very specific but if anyone could help me out, that would be great ☺️
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A level biology Snaprevise videos are a good resource to understand the concepts.
Physics and maths tutor is awesome, you might find the flash cards on there useful to keep going over.
I personally write down all of my summarised notes onto an A3 sheets. Then write a list of all of the headings that I wrote on my A3 sheets on a different piece of paper. Looking at the headings on that piece of paper I then write out everything I can remember about each heading on a different piece of paper. Then the things I don’t remember I fill in in a different colour and review that next time. This idea is from unjaded jade on YouTube and she calls it blurting.You might like to look at her channel as she has lots of good revision ideas and also ideas for revising biology.
My advice is to really make sure you know topic 2 which contains all of the key concepts such as cells, DNA, enzymes, cellular membranes, mitosis and biological molecules.
I found the CGP revision guide really useful.
Sorry if that was a bit rambly. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope this helps.

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