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A-Level geography NEA

For those who have studied or are currently studying A-Level geography, which side will you choose to do for NEA? Physical or Human? And why?
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I did physical because I preferred it to human, but it was quite difficult to know what I was doing because my teacher suggested the topic but didn't give me any ideas on what to do so I just had to make it all up lol
We got our marks back and I did pretty well so it was worth it but it was a lot of stress tbh. Maybe that's cause it was kind of niche, it might be easier if you can do something to do with coasts or whatever.
Do you have a preference for one side? If you really like physical then go for it, but as someone who even likes physical geography, I found it pretty difficult. I think in my class of 28 people, only one other person did completely physical. You could look into something that integrates the two :smile:
Hey there!
I'm doing a Human NEA because of the changes in the world contributing to the changes in regeneration, populations, etc.
I preferred physical however I do better in human as you can put in your own opinions and justifications for the changes in things because there's never really a definitive answer.

However, a lot of people in my school that are currently completing their NEAs are doing physical (there's a full geography class doing physical in my year group and there's 3 classes!) and it's due to the correlation that people who do physical NEAs get higher marks.

The changing world is what fascinated me and how it affects regeneration and rebranding which is why I chose human - also I'm better at it (and I enjoy it a fair bit)
Thank you so muchhh!!!

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