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Finished second year of a course but want to drop out and do Medicine

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Original post by BigPPLad
I just finished the second year of a different course but I no longer want to continue this course and drop out to do Medicine. I made a huge mistake choosing this course and I find it really hard to motivate myself to study for this as I do not enjoy it at all. I know I am an idiot for not realising this much earlier (call me an idiot if you reply to this).

I have read that some medical schools do not accept students who dropped out of another course which is worrying. Is it true?

Basically, I am just wondering if it is possible for me to get a place for Medicine? And if you are able to give me any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Bet me to it - was going to tag you anyways. :biggrin:

Best wishes OP. :smile:
I second getting work experience before dropping out or anything. If you then decide medicine isn't for you, you will have a better perception of what may be for you. I'd encourage you to reflect on your future work experience a lot, carefully ask yourself whether the parts you enjoy are found in medicine or other roles too. If they are found in other roles too (and most will be, probably) seriously question why you want to study medicine in particular as opposed to an allied health profession. For example, you've stated you have an interest in anatomy, physiology (how the body works), sports, and health and that you find recounts of some patient cases interesting. Lots of roles in the health sector will involve these topics so think about what draws you to medicine specifically (:

I just want to add, working as a support care worker in a care home is great experience but if you find your brother's job interesting, you may want to consider work experience in pharmacy (: That's what I did as part of my "do I actually want to study medicine?" journey. If you end up working in an inner-city, chain pharmacy you'll really be able to tell whether fast-paced, thinking-on-your-feet environments are for you. After some time, you'll also gain experience in taking patient histories and dealing with minor illnesses such as rashes, UTIs, constipation, etc. This will be similar to the clerking and problem solving involved in a doctor's job. You will also deal with a lot of patients, some sweet, some rude, some aggressive, and some that disclose very private, sensitive information to you. Can you empathise with them and do you have a drive to interact with them and do what you can, or is it the underlying pathology of their illness you're more interested in? Are you able to remove yourself from the job, or does the burden of being unable to help everyone weigh on you with each shift? Are you more interested in the effects medications/illnesses have on the body and how they affect a patient, or the actual molecular mechanisms behind a treatment/disease? In a pharmacy, you'll have to interact and work with many different health professionals, do you enjoy working with a team involving people of various roles, or does that not suit you? These are some questions that I'd be asking myself in order to understand what I like and dislike, and whether medicine ticks my boxes (:

Of course, there's many ways to get work experience out-with working in a pharmacy but I wanted to highlight it as it seems to be uncommon (but very rewarding from my experience!). Good luck with whatever you decide to do and hopefully my reply has been helpful to you (:
I agree with the previous advice in getting work experience - if you do want to do medicine then I actually think your case is a good example of someone who should now aim for GEM as (I’m assuming) you only have 1 year left of your degree and it would possibly be detrimental both financially and to an undergrad med application if you dropped out now. Focus on getting work exp, studying for GAMSAT and the other entrance exams and picking up a 2:1 in your degree. Just my opinion

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