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Maths Super Curricular ideas (year 10)

Hi everyone,

I'm a year 10 student who's applying to sixth forms in autumn and is interested in studying Maths and/or Comp Sci at uni. I was just looking for some recommendations of super curriculars that I could do over the summer/next few months. Please let me know your ideas!
Try casting your net as wide as possible. You may find some luck in helping to volunteer for a few before or after school math clubs for example. Alternatively you can even explore other good options like fun yet hard math competitions etc and so on. Contact some local schools in order to ask them a bit more about working there in the meantime as well. Maths is all around us however. In other but simpler words it literally and really surrounds us. Consider being a math tutor.
In terms of stuff you do yourself, you could look at Project Euler and Advent of Code for interesting programming problems that stress efficient solutions and testing. There are a fair number of solutions for previous Advent of Code, so once youve cracked the problem, have a look at how others solved it. You;d learn a fair bit. Similarly there are cipher challenges (Alan Turing - manchester, ...) which are interesting.
Plenty of previous maths competitions (ukmt, liverpool, lincoln, mathsbombe, ..). Similarly, there are many pop maths books as well as things like Tony Gardners "The Essence of Mathematics Through Elementary Problems", lots of recreational maths books by Martin Gardiner. You could have a read through a greek/history of maths book, ... Look into polyogonal numbers, collatz sequence, ... Depends really what interests you.
Thanks both! I'll look into your suggestions.

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