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    i just want to know how to move things in a relationship from casually seeing someone to bein officially together, boyfriend/girlfriend kind of thing. it's a bit early on in this 'relationship' to call him my boyfriend but i'm thinking about a bit further down the line here.

    i met this guy in a club two weeks ago and we exchanged numbers. he text me the next day and we've texted every day since then. we've met up a few times, once at a party we were both going to, he's come round to hang out at my halls and we've been for lunch once. he lives near me at uni so i occasionally see him around and if we're in the same club we meet up.

    i really like him alot and i think he likes me. he's always really lovely. we haven't done anything sexually apart from kissing and a bit of fooling around. i don't want to bring anything up right now, because i have only known him two weeks, but i don't want to carry on casually seeing him like this forever. i wouldn't get with anyone else atm and though obviously we haven't discussed it, i don't think he would either. he's a good friend of my friend and she says he really likes me.

    what do i do? how do i make this step?

    Just tell him how you feel. Don't be all crazy and possessive, just let him know casually and see what he says.

    you have to establish whether you are exclusive,.. if you don't feel comfortable enough asking him, you could hint around his friends even.
    but the way you know he's going to be your boyfriend is you see each other very regularly.. you have conversations abou how much he likes you etc.
    so it looks like you're on the way there.
    alot of people have a month of seeing each other before officially going out.

    Count yourself lucky love!!
    I have been in the situation you are in now, for 2 months! And still don't know what is happening ?
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