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What was your favourite subject in Primary School and has it changed?

Primary school is a long time ago for me, but I have a feeling my favourite subject was Maths while I was there.

Compare that to secondary school, where my favourite subject was definitely Drama, and you can clearly see some changes in my own experiences. :lol:

What was your favourite subject in Primary school?
Has it changed?

What do you think this shows about the differences between Primary and Secondary schooling and do you think there should be any changes to schools' curriculums in relation to this?

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My favourite subject was maths and still is. I've just done A level maths and further maths and should be off to uni in September to study maths and computer science.

I used to go to after school club on a Tuesday and we got maths homework on Tuesday, so I just used to keep telling the after school club staff that I hadn't finished my homework (we had to do one page from the textbook) until I had done about 4 or 5 pages. By the end of year 6 I was halfway through the year 8 textbook.

My parents were always excellent at encouraging me, they bought me cool books and my grandad taught me pythagoras' theorem when I was about 8. I also recently found a diary from when I was about 11 which had a load of quadratic equations in the back of it lmao.

I must admit, in year 7 I found maths pretty dull, and I was never thought of as one of the people who was good at maths (by the class, I think the teacher knew all along) because I was never very fast at it. I also used to miss 1/2 a maths lesson every week for my clarinet lessons. But then we got the opportunity to do the maths challenge, and too many people wanted to do it so she had to pull names from a hat

Throughout most of high school I didn't enjoy maths lessons because they were boring. I used to chat alot. I vividly remember my year 10 parents evening where my maths teacher told my parents and I that it was clear that I was putting alot of effort into maths outside of lessons with my homework and revision. I could barely avoid bursting out laughing because I did the bare minimum in homework and didn't revise.

At this point in school, my favourite subject was probably music because it was extremely interesting and I found it very fun. Now, music is still second place.

6th form was fantastic. I enjoyed most of A level maths (apart from mechanics eww) and further maths was joyful. I loved all of further maths. Sometimes I found the sheer volume of new maths being thrown at us quite overwhelming, and I cried alot, but once I was familiar with a topic I pretty much loved it all.

I think primary school maths is very similar to high school maths (but I feel like that might just be the nature of the subject) to start with, but by about year 9 or 10 it is significantly different.
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As far as I remember, when I was in Primary school, my favourite subject is Maths, I usually did the homework every night to prepare before going to school the next day. And the teacher was full of my praise, that motivated me to study harder. Looking back i still like Maths and i'm interested in Science such as chemistry or physic. It's a little bit funny but thank to the teacher's compliment, i can good at Maths now:smile:
In primary school my favourite subject was probably either English or art. They're now my least favourite subjects and maths/bio >>>
Primary: Maths
Secondary: French
In primary school my favourite subject was probably art. I wasn't very good at anything else other than reading, which I didn't like much in primary school because we always went much slower than I wanted to or read easier/more boring books in my opinion.

In secondary school my favourite subjects were chemistry and art. I'm now studying ancient languages by way of engineering and maths so, things have definitely changed a lot!
they didn't teach psychology in primary :colone:

honestly though, I'm too old to remember!
I don't think I enjoyed primary school enough to have a favourite subject. But early secondary school it was English and now its maths.
Probably was PE or maths and secondary school was ICT followed by PE
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Original post by thrivingfrog
In primary school my favourite subject was probably either English or art. They're now my least favourite subjects and maths/bio >>>

I thought your favourite subject was and still is Biology. Especially the studies of amphibian creatures!
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I thought your favourite subject was and still is Biology. Especially the studies of amphibian creatures!

I said maths are biology are my favourites :lol:
I think I always had a good interest in History throughout my educational endeavours.
It was probably between English and history. I think I use skills from both as a writer in philosophy; indeed my specialism is historic philosophies and religions of Classical India and my most recent publication was in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy. I think I changed direction only slightly, using core skills in a mildly new direction.

I was always bang into beliefs and religion and what makes people tick, too, so I guess in that sense, not much has changed.

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