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It doesn't
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It doesn't

PRSOM - it just wastes time and makes you addicted. :s-smilie:
No idea when it's full of body shaming trends and ludicrous 'guidelines'.
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Who thinks that...? Its not exactly a secret that research shows social media does not in fact make us happy in the slightest
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No idea when it's full of body shaming trends and ludicrous 'guidelines'.

Body shaming trends?
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Because when you're burned out and socially overloaded, it does. Personally, juggling a full 8 hours at school followed up by 4 to 5 hours at work and then another 2 hours of homework every night is pretty god awful. Juxtaposing that, mindlessly scrolling through social media takes no effort. Not using my brain for half an hour out of the day is something to look forward to and keeps me from using that time to overthink on how miserable things are.

I kinda find it rich when regular TSR users talk about how awful tiktok is. Its the same thing on both platforms, you're listening to random stranger's nonsense and interacting with them. Only difference is one is written and the other is filmed...
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Body shaming trends?

Yes. The app is notorious for them. Certain trends encourage users to hyperfocus on their weight and face/body shape.

These videos are often met with lots of pro-anorexia comments such as "okay I'll be skipping lunch today", etc.

Filters can be used very easily to give the appearance of a thinner body, except nowadays, it is not limited to still images. These are being used within videos, and appear alarmingly realistic (i.e. barely any visible background distortion, etc).

The app generally does not favour diversity of appearance (as you can imagine).

Lots of news articles online you can read.

I think it is possibly one of, if not the worst social media platform to date. The algorithm and video format is incessant and the guidelines are entirely ludicrous.

But after all, this is social media we're talking about. So what's new?
Maybe some people like being spied on by the Chinese government. We don't know.