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Should I get married? watch

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    Yes, go for it!
    Wait a while, then make the decision.


    I think it sounds a bit silly tbh. I'd only ever marry someone if I'd been in a relationship with them for a fairly long time and was very much in love with them.

    (Original post by Lamasamaka)
    Yes, I believe the consequence of getting married would be happiness. But as very clearly pointed out by everybody else, there are other consequences to consider.
    Why marriage and happiness: isn't this an arbitrary idea placed in your mind? If you want to be with her, be with her - why is it necessary to step into what is first and foremost a legal contract so early in life? I don't understand why you must contract your love and happiness for it to be valid.

    What the hell would be the point?

    I voted wait.

    Like 10 years or so - you have no idea what may happen between now and then. Are you planning on uni? Travelling? You'll both get jobs, grow up, mature, may be completely different people by then - you may grow apart from each other, be interested in different things and want to be in different places in life then realise it would be a hell of a lot easier if you had never done it.

    And what if you meet someone you fall head over heels for in the meantime?

    I do subscribe to the belief that it is better to regret things you have done rather than things you haven't; but just wait - you could still do this in 10 years time, there is no rush is there? Everyone believes it is gonna work out just fine and last forever when they get married, of course they do or they wouldn't bother - but look at the divorce rates and at such a young age.. just waitt!

    Also, don't you want the chance to be independant for a few years? Live on your own, have your own place, privacy, freedom, live life the way you want it completely without having to worry about other people? Thats something you may completely miss out on if you get married so young.
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