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International Relations Degree A Level Choices

Hi. So I have a really hard head vs. Heart decision to make surrounding my a levels. On one side of things I would like to go into the musical theatre industry but then I also worry about how insecure the industry is. I also like the look of international relations as it seems very interesting. For a levels I have thought about the geography, economics, drama and dance. I would also be doing HSK4 (mandarin qualification). Being that I want to study at somewhere like LSE or one of the Russel group unis is this combination good/bad and should I maybe swap one of dance/drama out for something more academic. I have read that LSE will except drama as an academic subject so I really don’t know
For Politics and IR you need to do an A level social science like Politcs or Sociology to see if you actually like studying social sciences.

An obvious degree choices for Econ/Geog is international Develoment which includes elements of Poltics and IR.

Have a look art the lists of degree courses available at these two different Unis - look at the entry requirements for each degree, and read what each degree subject is actually about.
Sussex -
Liverpool -

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